Safe Haven Spa Team !

Meet the Safe Haven Spa Team in Springville Utah:

Photo of Brenda


Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been a therapist for over 10 years and I cherish the opportunity to help people heal and be well through body work. I am a gifted reflexologist and can understand so much of what the body needs to be well through touching the feet. My friends and family know me better as the “foot whisperer”. I specialize in sports and injury massage and enjoy helping people regain mobility after injury or surgery. I also excel in Swedish, Hot Stone and Pre-Natal massage and Acupressure. I want to share the knowledge I have gained in life, from overcoming adversity, and give healing and hope to all I come in contact with.
I am the perfect combination of Sassy and Sweet. I am married to an incredible man who has loved and supported me in all my endeavors for 21 years. Together we have 5 children. They keep me running with practices and ballgames, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so excited to help you live your healthiest life.

Photo of Tiffany


Licensed BodyTalk Therapist

I am the wife of an amazing man and mother to three incredible kids! I was introduced to BodyTalk by my mother-in-law and was hooked from the beginning. I am a certified BodyTalk practitioner who is continually learning ways to help others heal through the BodyTalk technique. Instead of focusing on the symptom, BodyTalk finds the underlying causes of illness by addressing the whole person and their whole body. What might seem like an obvious problem to you is not necessarily the one your body wants to address first. This is the beauty of BodyTalk. It respects the body’s needs and determines your body’s priorities for healing. In my family we have a saying of “let’s tap that out of you” when any negative situation or feelings arise. BodyTalk fascinates me and I am eager to continue my education,  practice and healing of others!

photo of Kylee with flowers


Licensed Master Esthetician

I am passionate about all things skin, health and wellness. I believe that our skin reflects our overall health and well-being, and getting regular facials should be as important as going to the dentist or the doctor.
I am a certified yoga instructor and in my free time you can find me practicing yoga, in the kitchen cooking, camping with my Boyfriend and 2 dogs, going to concerts with friends, or being in nature.
When I give a facial, I focus on skin health and overall well-being by providing time to reset and relax. I aim to help others feel and look their best so they can live their life to the fullest!

lara on a rock


Licensed Massage Therapist

I have been a Massage Therapist for 12 years. I have always had a passion for helping others along their healing journey by relieving aches and pains through bodywork.

I work on clients with varying injuries using modalities such as trigger point and injury massage. I also love helping clients de-stress from the daily stresses of the world by blending swedish, triggerpoint and hotstone massage.

I know the importance of tailoring every clients needs so that they can get the best out of their custom massage. I want every client to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and renewed at the end of every session.  

photo of lady named Tealan


Licensed Massage Therapist

I have enjoyed being a Massage Therapist for 10 years.  I have a background in both Day Spas and a Medical setting. While I enjoy the deeper modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point, and sports and injury, I believe there are healing benefits in every type of massage.

My favorite part of being a massage therapist is learning and educating the clients.  I love figuring out why something hurts and sharing with the client how we can make it stop! I love listening to each client’s body and helping guide it to healing.

Ashley in salt rocks light


Licensed Massage Therapist

Massage therapy is in my blood. My great-grandfather was a massage therapist, and my grandma says he passed his “healing hands” on to me. 

I’ve been practicing since 2007, and I feel so rewarded when I can help facilitate the healing of a fellow human. I love blending modalities to create a cohesive massage experience that is both beneficial and relaxing. I want every client I work on to feel safe and nurtured through the healing power of touch.

I enjoy a variety of hobbies, including: Taiji/Qigong, boxing, reading, hiking, kayaking, camping, gardening, and video games.

Portrait of lady named Emily


Office Manager

I have worked in Health Care Administration for the last 7 years.  I love being a “behind the scenes person” who helps small, privately-owned businesses achieve their dreams.  I love helping people find the resources they need during hard and stressful times.

I am happily married to my husband who is my rock and has been nothing but supportive of all of my dreams and passions for the last 22 years.  I am the mom of two very headstrong, independent, amazing boys who teach me something new everyday.  I love being a mom, having a career, and relaxing with my family while enjoying board games, movies, and sports.  I love all things Disney, reading (when I get around to it) and playing the piano. Music has always been a passion of mine and I love sharing my talent on the piano with others as well as challenging myself to learn a new piece of music each month.

I look forward to this opportunity to help people get in with the best team of professionals who can help them relax and maintain a healthy life balance so they can live life to the fullest and love every moment of it.

photo of girl named Taylor


Administrative Assistant

I met Brenda 5 years ago when she helped to heal my dad. Ever since then, I have loved her work. When she asked me to come work for her, I was so excited.

In my free time I love to draw, read, weld, workout, and hang out with friends. Next year I will be a senior at Provo High School and I speak fluent Chinese.