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Physical Gift Cards are available to purchase at the spa in person!

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Gift Card/s are redeemable at our physical location at 385 S 400 E ST, Springville, UT 84663

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Safe Haven Spa services are things everyone loves. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift idea for your family, boss, friends, or significant other, then this is the Perfect Gift. They’ll enjoy the experience with the help of our licensed therapists from a massage therapy session, facial treatment, lash and lift tint, body sculpting, detox, Reiki, and a lot more…

All these treatments will leave them feeling beautiful inside and out, relaxed, and rejuvenated, so they will have a smile on their faces for days.

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If you’re looking for a way to melt your stress away, our massage therapy is just the thing. We offer a variety of massages tailored to your body’s needs.

Women closeup facial


Beautiful skin you deserve. It’s your skin, so care for it the way you want and that’s why we’re here to work on any part of your body that needs some love.


Makes your skin even smoother & eyebrows/eyelashes look longer, darker, and fuller. We have a wide range of products to choose from that you’ll absolutely love.

Body Sculpt


Release tension, pain, and stiffness from your body with this natural, safe, and effective technique. Think no further, visible results in just one session!

Body Talk


BodyTalk considers emotional, physical, and environmental influences in order to activate the brain, restructure the body’s energetic patterns, and promote healing from within.

Ionic Foot Bath 2


An ionic foot bath is similar to a regular foot bath only with the addition of a small device that charges the water with ions which help to draw toxins out of your body.



An energy healing method rooted in ancient Japanese culture. Reiki uses the universal life force energy which is channeled through the practitioner directly into different areas of the body that have imbalances and energy blocks.

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