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Facials & Skin Care

from an Experienced Licensed Master Esthetician

Pamper your face with luxurious facials.

Enjoy a relaxing facial experience and watch as your skin is revived with this powerful treatment. Safe Haven Facials -this is for you!

Facials & Skin Care

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Safe Haven Luxury Facial

This Luxurious Facial will provide you with a deep exfoliation and all the great benefits of microdermabrasion. It includes a fabulous Vitamin C enzyme to help speed up cellular turnover, hyaluronic acid to add moisture, antioxidants & concentrated serum, collagen synthesis, moisturizers, & a lip enhancement complex.

Get pampered with a relaxing head, neck, and shoulder massage. Receive amazing lymphatic face massage with your choice of hand/arm or leg/foot massage. This facial includes a foot or hand scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

75 mins – $120+

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Anti-Aging Facial

Take anti-aging to a relaxing level.

This facial will exfoliate, brighten and hydrate your skin. A highly concentrated blend of retinol and polypeptides that resurface visibly rejuvenates and repair the look of aging and acne-prone skin while increasing cellular turnover and stimulating collagen synthesis.

This facial also includes a foot or hand scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

60 mins – $80+

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Vitamin C Brightening Facial

Our signature results-driven treatment combines Vitamin C, hydroxy acids, and enzymes to speed up cellular renewal, and brighten and increase hydration.

The new technology of Centella stem cells works to replenish skin tone and repair lost elasticity, support rosacea/redness-prone skin, detoxifying botanicals and energizing complexes to give noticeable results in just one session.

This facial also includes a foot or hand scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

60 mins – $85+

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Safe Haven Organic Natural Radiance Facial

NEW! This one-of-a-kind facial has no chemical additives or fillers. The herbs are harvested in southern Utah and carefully crafted into this unique skincare line. You will fall in LOVE with your SKIN once again!

*Featuring Good Medicines Intuitive Skincare products.
*Optional hot oil scalp treatment

60 mins – $75+

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Hydrating Facial

This treatment will give you a beautiful glow with its Vitamin C, exfoliating agents, plant-derived stem cells, and deeply hydrating ingredients to treat redness, and inflamed and dry, dehydrated skin.

This facial includes a foot or hand scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

60 mins – $80+

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Express Facial

In a hurry? Short on time to get a full facial? But still, want to enjoy a facial treatment that gives you glowing, beautiful skin? Come in for a customized treatment. Your skin will thank you as you leave, refreshed and glowing.

45 mins – $65+

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Purifying Probiotic Facial

This detoxifying treatment combats oily, acne & acne-prone skin, combining powerful anti-bacterial acne-prone peptides and salicylic acid with soothing anti-inflammatory botanicals.

Added with a blend of yogurt-based probiotics and nourishing super fruits that will balance the skin’s natural flora and help it resist dehydration and imbalance.

We use purifying green clay and charcoal masks to help detoxify and clear away impurities, leaving the skin clean, smooth, and refined. This facial also includes a foot or hand scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

60 mins – $80+

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Deluxe Balancing Facial

Take clean and clinical skincare to a new level of luxury with products infused with powerful super antioxidants and organic ingredients.

This facial will brighten, hydrate, and nourish the skin. This gentle and balancing facial is perfect for all skin types.

This also includes a foot or hand scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

60 mins – $80+

Spa Day Safe Haven Facials

Facials are a great way to improve your overall skin care. At Safe Haven, we believe a regular facial should be an important element in any skincare routine.

We work with our clients to find what their skin is in need of.

Facial Steps

1. Relax at your own level of comfort in a warm and comfortable facial bed.

2. Enjoy a calming essential oil as you take 3 deep breaths.

3. As your Esthetician cleanses your skin to remove pollutants, oil, and any other debris from your decollete, neck, and face, you can enjoy a warm towel to follow.

This step will be done twice to make sure all makeup and oils are removed to leave you with fresh cleansed skin.

4. It is always good to receive an exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. This step can be done through a chemical, physical or mechanical exfoliation. At Safe Haven, you will receive a relaxing shoulder, neck, and scalp massage during this process. 

5. (Optional) Depending on the facial, if this step takes place, it’s good to be prepared for an amazing face massage. If you haven’t relaxed up until this point, you just might feel all your stress and worries melt away.

Most face massages are done with a type of lymphatic drainage (a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues.)

6. We aren’t done with the pampering! While your mask works its magic, your Esthetician will pamper you with your choice of hand/arm or leg/foot massage (for any 60+ min facial). Don’t forget a warm towel will be used to remove your mask. 

7. After your skin has been cleansed, exfoliated, and properly masked, you are ready for one of our consecrated serums (think of serum as the secret weapon for treating skin issues like discoloration, dullness, fine lines, or acne).

8. Most people forget this next step in a daily regimen, but the skin around your eyes needs just as much TLC as the rest of your facial areas. Your Esthetician will gently apply a consecrated creme or gel followed by a gentle massage around the orbital area.

9. Lock in moisture with a moisturizing creme followed by the most important step of them all, an SPF moisturizer to protect the largest organ of your body, the skin.

10. End each facial with a moisturizing lip complex followed by taking 3 deep breaths of an awaking essential oil.

Frequently Asked Questions: Facials & Skin Care

Why is a facial a necessary part of self care?

What is the first thing people see when you walk into a room? Your face! Did you know skincare is as important as eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep?

Pamper yourself with a facial once every 4 to 6 weeks can benefit your skin in many ways. Besides relaxation, regular facials provide many benefits, including noticeable improvements in your skin tone, texture, and overall appearance.

Facials performed by an experienced  Esthetician can delay signs of aging, remove blackheads, increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and leave your skin with a healthy glow.

How do I book a massage?

This one’s really easy. Once you’ve decided which facial and skin care treatment to get, tap the Book Now option on this page.

If you’re still undecided and can’t find anything that suits your needs, give us a call and we’ll figure it out together.

Call Us (801) 853 – 8500

What can I expect from a Safe Haven facial?

At Safe Haven, you’ll feel at home and part of our family. Professional Licensed Master Estheticians will provide you with a relaxing treatment, you just might not have ever experienced before!

You will leave with your skin cleansed, exfoliated, face and body massaged, targeted skin concerns treated, and your skin moisturized and glowing.

All products used are a clean clinical brand powered by proven ingredients with absolute results.

Are there facials for men?

Just like women, men need a skin assessment just like the ladies, and their facial would be designed based on their skin type, just like the ladies.

Are facials just for women?

No. It is just as important for men and teens to receive regular facials.

How often should I get a facial?

For best results, coming in to see your Safe Haven Esthetician every 4-6 weeks is recommended.

Is it important to be following a carefully selected at home regimen from my Esthetician?

YES! YES! YES! Finding a good skin care regimen has many benefits.

Some of these benefits include:

 Slowing down signs of aging
Help speed up cellular skin turnover, which helps prevent and correct wrinkles, acne, discoloration, and overall skin health.
Once your routine is set, it is easier to maintain
  It boosts confidence! When you look good, you feel good.
 It keeps the skin healthy, which keeps you healthier.
Results can be dramatic if you stick with it.
Taking care of your skin now can save you money down the road.
It can encourage you to adopt other healthy routines and an overall healthy lifestyle.

As doctors would care for your health, our Aestheticians would do the same for your skin.